Features of Browning Gun Safes

Features of Browning Gun Safes

Fire Safety

Browning has focused on fire safety to an unrivaled degree – the Thermoblock technology found in their gun safes, combined with other flame resistant features, ensures up to 3x better fire resistance as compared to the competition.

Even with their lower-end products, a fire safety of around 1200F for an hour is guaranteed at the minimum. Personally, any product that guarantees a fire protection rating for that long is good enough in my book. Features that enable these safes to have such decent fire resistance include:

High Gauge Steel

The manufacturer has used high thickness steel to ensure that the body doesn’t distort under heat, which would result in heat entering the safe through gaps. Continuous welding is employed to minimize flexing.

External Hinges

Another unique feature of Browning Gun safes is their external hinges, as opposed to the internal hinges used by most other manufacturers. The latter require the removal of fire safety material to be attached, which can leave gaps in the fire protection of the product. By employing external hinges, these gun safes ensure that your precious weapons will be unscathed in a fire for that much longer.

In case you’re worried that these external hinges may be more exposed to attacks from intruders, don’t be: special door locking bolts are in place to secure the door in case the hinges are cut off.

Thermoblock Interlocking Design

This technology utilizes layers of thick fire insulation that are arranged in an interlocking pattern so that gaps that could lead to rapid temperature rises inside the safe are minimized.

Construction Strength

As far as core security goes, ProSteel gun safes are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (R) to hold their own against tool based attacks, performed by professional safe crackers. Their ability to withstand these attacks stems from their thick steel body, special Pry-Stop Locking Bolts, and advanced lock protection:

12-Gauge Steel Or More Guaranteed

Compared to the competition, which occasionally resorts to 14 Gauge steel to keep things economical, all ProSteel gun safes utilize 12 gauge steel at the lowest – this is considerably thicker than 14 gauge, and enables the products to achieve the Residential Security Container certification by UL; for you, it means unbeatable protection against brute force attacks.

Other features found in Browning gun safes include Duo Formed Door (which means the safe doors are fabricated from different steel layers to enhance strength), 1’’ Formed Door (a door designed with a robust steel face as well as reinforcement panels to keep your weapons safe from blunt attacks, and Reinforced Door Frame (a return flange is incorporated into the door opening to secure it against pry attacks).

Locking Mechanism

ProSteel gun safes incorporate one or more of the following features (depending on the price), to provide you with ultimate protection against physical, tool-based burglary attempts.

Uni-force Locking System

High end ProSteel gun safes utilize a locking mechanism known as ‘Uni-Force’, which employs strong cam locks as well as a diversion bar system to keep handle or bolt pressure from compromising the lock – they take on the brunt of the force applied by the intruder to keep the lock unscathed.

Omni-barrier Lock Protection

A combination of steel components and steel hard plate has been put in place to secure the lock from push, punch and drill based attacks.

Pry-stop Bolts And Tabs

Bolts are strategically placed around the safe door at the vulnerable corners to keep them safe from pry attacks. Furthermore, the end bolts are 2.5x longer than regular bolts and strengthened with steel angle iron to keep them from bending due to prying.

Protective tabs are also present alongside the top / bottom bolts as well as the inside of the door to further enhance the safe’s resistance to pry attacks.