Bragging Board

Utah State Record Carp (Archery) 33 lbs. 10 oz. taken by Chad Geilman

Our very own Chad was able to capture two Moose fighting with the carnage that followed.


Jeff Harris' first Bull Elk. Congrats Jeff.


Bad day to be a Pheasant...


Nice shooting Dustin, Kelly, Chad, Jason and Justin.

Dogs - Ginger, Deus, Gus and Remi!

Shawn Bob's Coyote with Ruger 10/22

"Called him to 50 yards, shot at 63.5 yards with a custom Ruger 10/22 and a Redfield 4-12x40mm scope. Thanks to Advantage Trading Post for the hookup on parts." - Shawn Champneys

Skyler Sparks' 6 point Buck


Skyler Sparks (left) with Jeff Harris (right)

6 point buck shot with a Ruger 300 win mag

Taken on October 30th, 2011 in Mountain Green, Utah


Shawn Bob's Coyote

Shawn Champneys shot this coyote at 462 yards.

Great shot Shawn!

First Buck 10/31/10


Shaylie Stephens' First Buck, daughter of Chad Stephens here at Advantage Trading Post. A 200 yard shot with a Winchester 70 .257 Roberts with a Redfield scope.